Author: Lisa Gray

We Do Junk Removal!

We specialize in getting those large items out of your house and yard; including furniture, lawnmowers, tires—you name it!  Don’t have the muscle or truck to get those items out?  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll send our professional waste haulers to your home to remove and haul away your unwanted items.  Email for […]

March Issue of TrashTalk

This quarterly issue of TrashTalk features Newport Middle School visits Recycling Facility, Free Compost for Earth Day, Asbestos regulations, SOLVE Beach Clean-up, Emergency Debris Management. March 2016 Issue of Trash Talk.

Haul-i-day Service Schedule

What you need to know if your service day falls on Christmas or New Year’s Thompson’s Sanitary Service does not provide service on the following days:  Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s (January 1) holidays. If your regular service day falls on one of those days, you will receive service the following day.  Subsequently, all […]

Take the Pledge to Use Less Plastic

Change Begins Onshore.  It Starts With You. Take the pledge to use less plastic every day. Plastic lasts forever… our oceans are turning into plastic soup. It doesn’t biodegrade and no naturally occurring organisms can break it down. Plastic photodegrades, which means that sunlight breaks it down into smaller and smaller pieces. Those small pieces drift […]