Recycling Changes

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As of March 1, 2018, our curbside Comingled/Mixed Recycling blue cart will no longer accept plastics #3-7 (number found on the bottom of the container) as well as shredded paper.  Going forward, the acceptable plastics will be #1 & 2 BOTTLES ONLY.

All other recyclables will stay the same.  Please click here for the latest version of Waste 101, our guide to all things waste.  We will be communicating this change through direct mail and email (if provided) with our customers, news release to local newspaper and radio, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as our website.

Good News: China is making efforts to clean up their environment, primarily water and air pollution.

Bad News: We can no longer accept plastics #3-7 because those items are on the list of China's import ban of 24 varieties of solid waste and recyclables.  There is currently no market for plastics #3-7.

At Thompson's, we are committed to our recycling efforts. We are asking everyone to help us clean up materials collected for recycling because we are in danger of losing recycling markets altogether, meaning that your recycling material may end up at a landfill.

Here are a list of documents/articles to help understand what is going on with recycling right now:

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