Other Recycling

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Other Recycling


Household batteries can be recycled at the following locations:

  • Newport City Hall
  • Public Library, Fire Department
  • Recreation Center
  • Newport Recycling Center (next to TSS office) M-F 9:00-4:00pm
  • Newport Les Schwab store


Bring your paint/stain in original containers for free recycling to the Newport Recycling Center (next to TSS office), 7450 NE Avery, M-F, Hours 9:00am-4:00pm.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can only be recycled at Local Grocery Store receptacles.  TSS no longer accepts plastic bags at the recycling center


Glass can be recycled at the following depot locations:

  • Newport Recycling Center (new location next to TSS office), M-F, 9:00am-4:00pm
  • South Beach @ Rogue Brewery

E-Waste with Oregon E-Cycles

With Oregon E-Cycles  anyone can take seven or fewer computers (desktops, laptops and tablets), monitors, TVs and printers at a time to our Newport Recycling Center, 7450 NE Avery (new location next to TSS office), M-F 9:00am-4:00pm, for free recycling. Computer peripherals (keyboards and mice) are also accepted free of charge.  Other types of electronics are currently not included in this program.


TSS & Central Lincoln PUD have teamed up to pick up and recycled your old (working) refrigerators and freezers at no cost to you as well as get a credit on your PUD bill. Fill out this form to schedule your pick-up today! This program ENDING March 2018

Other Appliances

Bring to the Agate Beach Transfer Station and for a small fee have your appliance recycled.

View Our FAQ for exactly how to dispose of each kind of waste!