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Mixed Compostables
NEW! Mixed Compostables service for your home coming July 2014more
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Family and Locally Owned
Thompson's Sanitary Service is proud to be a 3rd generation family and locally-owned business since 1963
We are local owners raising families with strong community ties
We are local owners raising families with strong community ties
A partner in supporting local cancer patients through CAN Cancer
A partner in supporting local cancer patients through CAN Cancermore

Can Cancer

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Can Cancer in October

This month, envelopes are arriving in all garbage/recycling customer mailboxes asking for donations to this worthy cause. This program raises money for local cancer patients struggling to pay their non-medical related bills.


Put Your Mixed Compostables Carts Out for Service!

Now that your Mixed Compostables carts have arrived, be sure to fill them up and place them at the curb on your normal service day.  Remember, if it grows--it goes!  All food waste, yard waste, and food-soiled paper.

Click on our Mixed Compostables flyer to find out more about the Mixed Compostables recycling program. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at or

Watch this video to learn more about compostable recycling.


Mixed Compostables Flyer

Take the Pledge to Use Less Plastic

Change Begins Onshore.  It Starts With You. Take the pledge to use less plastic every day.

Plastic lasts forever… our oceans are turning into plastic soup.

It doesn’t biodegrade and no naturally occurring organisms can break it down. Plastic photodegrades, which means that sunlight breaks it down into smaller and smaller pieces. Those small pieces drift in the ocean and are mistaken for food by fish and birds.  

It is undisputable that plastic pollution is killing marine life through ingestion and entanglement in plastic marine litter.

Up to 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from the land - us.  Single-use is ocean abuse. So, make a pledge today to make these simple 5 changes, which will have a huge impact on our oceans health.

Click here to sign the pledge:

The Key To The Success Of Our Business

Here at Thompson’s, communication with our customers is the key to the success of our business. Not only can you find much of the information you need on this website, but we also send out important messages with our statements as well as publish a quarterly newsletter.

Customers can also sign up for our email notification, which informs customers of upcoming refuse and recycling events and specials. TSS encourages our customers to call or email with any questions or concerns about service.

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Thompson’s Sanitary Service was absolutely wonderful to deal with. They were quick to respond to my request for a special pick-up. Their office staff explained the pick up procedure and were very accommodating to my schedule.

Elizabeth Johnston

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